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  The Trosclair Print story began in 1918 when our grandfather, G. Lucien Trosclair was only 28 years old. With a few fonts of type, a pound of ink, and a small press secured with a loan from the bank, Lucien set out to establish his new business with an idea of providing quality printing services, efficiently and economically, in the small community of Plaquemine, Louisiana.  Little did he know that his idea would become his mission, as well as a mission that would be carried out by his children and grandchildren for many years to come. 

For three generations, the business owned and operated by the Trosclair family has been a respected presence in the printing industry.  Incomparable business ethics is the cornerstone upon which our company was built.   We value the business relationships we have established with our clients and we have proven time and again that we will “go the extra mile?to meet their individual printing needs.  Our motto, “Quality, Service and Customer Satisfaction ?Our Most Important Products?/span> is heartfelt and we strive to achieve this goal in our work with our clients every day.

Our grandfather would be proud to see how his business of humble beginnings has grown, not only in the Plaquemine community, but in many of the surrounding cities and parishes as well.